Welcome to Katz-R-Us Cattery

We are located in New York City, which is also known as the "Big Apple".

We specialize in variety of Colors. Bicolor patterns which consist of Solids, extreme Calicos, Vans, and odd-eye colors. No Himmies at this present time.

My Cattery is very small, CFA registered, and I'm a re-occurring breeder from 15 years ago. I took a temporary leave of absence to provide quality care for my sick Mom at the time, who is no longer with us. However, I have always been an animal lover by nature, and took great pride in what I did. I also genuinely missed every moment and quality time that I spent with these special, individual Kittens/Cats. Therefore, I decided to re-open my new home in the year of 2001.

Our Kittens/Cats receive plenty of individual love and personal attention from me, Margo, my loving husband Alan, and from my handsome son Devonte.

Now, for those who don't know or have no experience in caring for the Persian Cat -- Persians can be very high maintenance, meaning they require high quality care which calls for extensive grooming as well as attention.

Our Kittens/Cats are always raised underfoot, and are a part of our family. They have very sweet temperaments, and each individual personality displays a very unique character of themselves. They always are and always will be a part of our family! Most of them love to sleep with us, and we treat them and speak to them as we would to humans beings. We are also very over-protective of them. Therefore, they will only be placed in selective homes, and we reserve the right to refuse sale of any Kitten/Cat  from Katz-R-Us Cattery, for any reason and without explanation! Our "Motto" is, "Humans will always find ways to hurt or to harm you, but animals would never disappoint you, and will always treat you right without judgement and love you!"

At this time our blood-lines are from Beaubell Persian, Chastelle Persians, and Eldridge Persians. We breed for perfection, and our aim, mission, and goal is to produce Breed and Show quality, as well as Pet quality. Pet quality will be altered before going to their new home. To learn more about our standards, please refer to our Contract. There is no guarantee to give you that we can or will produce Show quality Kittens, until we see how well they developed as they grow. Their prices will vary between $800-$4000 depending on their quality, breed, and patterns.

There is a written and official policy, which is a Contract that must be signed by every individual who wishes to purchase a Kitten/Cat from Katz-R-Us Cattery. Interested persons may view and/or download this Contract here (in .pdf format) or here (in .doc format...if a log-in screen appears, simply click the "Cancel" button). If you are considering adopting a Kitten or Cat from Katz-R-Us, please familiarize yourself with this Contract, and make sure that you can and do agree with ALL of its conditions, before contacting us in regard to an adoption. This Contract, once signed, is a legally binding document, and all conditions stated therein WILL BE enforced by Katz-R-Us (through legal actions if necessary).

We thank you for visiting with us.  Sit back, enjoy the ride, and please add your paw-print to our Guestbook before you leave.


Thank You!